Cookie policy

What are cookies?

This website uses cookies. Cookies are text files generated by the web server that are stored on users ' devices. Contain anonymous information, but they offer the possibility that the website can remember things, for example, the products added to the shopping cart. Therefore, help us to enjoy a better browsing experience.

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of information society and electronic commerce, Anaiak Apliservicios SL informs the cookies used on our web site.

Some terms to keep in mind:

  • Session Cookies - are Only stored until you close the browser used to access the web site.
  • Persistent Cookies: Remain on your device after you close the browser used to access the web site. Help to find the website just as you left it on future visits (for example the contents of the cart or display preferences of the catalog).
  • First-party Cookies: Are sent to the user device from a server managed by our web site.
  • Third party Cookies: Are sent to the user device from a server that is not managed by us, but we start from services offered by others (for example Facebook or Google), and are those who treat the data obtained through such cookies.

In case of other doubts, we recommend consulting the "Guide on the use of cookies" published by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, or the website All About Cookies.

What do we use cookies?

In any case to collect personally identifiable information about your person.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Session management: Stores the identifier of the browsing session. Allows the user to keep logged in without entering your password in each page, remember the content of the shopping cart and the elaboration of statistics on its own web traffic.
  • Keep the display preferences: Allows the user to remember the preferences for viewing the categories of products (number of items displayed per page, order and option of list or grid).
  • Notice on cookies: Paradoxically, to remember that you must not be show to the user the notice about the use of cookies, it is also necessary to generate one.

Cookies generated by this site

Name Type Duration Purpose
PHPSESSID Session - To keep the session
Random Persistent 20 days Session management
Random Persistent 20 days Keep the display preferences
cookie_assistant_enable_cookies Persistent 1 year Notice about cookies

Third party Cookies

  • Facebook: In some sections of our web site can be found embedded the added "like Button" of Facebook. This add-on uses cookies for its proper functioning. To know more about how they are used, visit the help desk of Facebook.
  • CloudFlare: To improve the performance of our web site, images, and other static elements that are offered from our subdomain images.hogarymas.that is, are transferred through the content delivery network of CloudFlare. This service uses a cookie called "__cfduid" to add security to the connection. To learn more, visit the privacy Policy and security of CloudFlare.

How to disable or delete cookies

It is possible to make the browser to stop accepting cookies, or even stop for a particular web site. But, you have to take into account some of the features of the web sites could be affected. For example, in our case, it would be impossible to handle the logging in to your account, or remember your viewing preferences of the product categories.

All modern browsers allow you to configure the use of cookies. This configuration is often found in the menu "Options" or "Preferences" of your browser. To make the task, here are links with information to carry out in most commonly used browsers:

In case you use another, you will need to consult the section "Help" of your browser for more details.

In the event that your main concern are the cookies of third parties related to advertising services, you can disable them by going to the website Your Online Choices.